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Walking Sticks

All of our Walking Sticks are hand made, never machine-made.

Walt picks out local woods, hand shaves them, dries, then carves and shapes to your individual needs. Sticks are polished for a smooth finish and then 12' of Parachute cord is put on as a handle with wrist lanard at your specific height and grip size and a durable foot pad is added.


I have gone out on a limb and really branched out to come out with new products. If yew are pining for many wood items, be sure to click on "My Products", to see what I have sawn. You won't be board.


Ergo-Canes are specially designed canes to fit the size, shape and strength of your hand.

The idea is to use the proper shape of your bones and muscles and utilize them properly. Gripping a cane sideways does not do this.

I am now mailing out the hand-molding material to you with instructions. You make the mold of your hand yourself, mail it back with the pre-paid shipping label, and then I can get started. If your hand has any deformities or pathologies, please add a picture of your hand for reference. I will send the picture back if you like.
I also have turned canes made of several different woods and brass, bronze, crystal, chrome, and wood handles. You pick the cane and handle, I cut them to your height, and add the foot pad.

I will be at several craft shows and town fairs throughtout the year, and I will post these dates so you can come see me and I can make the proper adjustments if needed.
I will also be at the Portland Farmer's Markets on Saturdays, from April to October depending on weather. Wood and rain, you get it.

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For beautiful, hand-crafted, ergonomically correct walking sticks and canes that are customized to fit only you;

contact Walt directly at 207-838-4394
or e-mail: walt_kingsticks@hotmail.com

Walt-King Sticks & More
6 Wood Rd.
Gorham, ME 04038

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In order to purchase an item, you need to go to my Etsy Shop. 

I make many, many other items than just canes and walking sticks, so be sure to click on "My Products" at the top.

Survival Sticks

Survival Sticks are the creme de la creme:

Think "MacGyver and Rambo went on a hike together".

It all started when I was making walking sticks for my family and I thought that it would be great to have a compass on the stick as well. Then I took a Survival course and learned the many uses of Parachute cord, so I put that on as a handle. Then I put foil under the handle, and it took off from there.

Although I have tried to put a few too many things on the sticks (the tent was pushing it), I learned that the most important part was the KNOWLEDGE of using the tools correctly was what would keep one alive. In order to survive in the woods, one could use their surroundings, ...if they knew how. There are means and ways to make shelter, fire, collect water and food...if you knew how. So I recommend some survival courses to help you out, but in the mean time, here are some tools that can come with your Survival Stick.

Walt-King Survival Sticks Kit #1:

1 Sq. ft. Aluminum Foil
25' Parachute Cord
5 Matches in wax
Sewing Needle & 4' thread
Fish Hook, Sinkers, 15' line
Foot Pad

Kit #2 (this is in addition to #1)

Mini-Tool Kit with LED light
Tree Tacks that reflect orange up to 200 yards with your LED

Note: Maine Law prohibits me from putting any sharp blades inside the stick, but I can put them on the outside, as long as they are visible. If you want a knife on the side, let me know.

Ordering A Stick:

To order a Walt-King Stick:

1) Type of woodBirch for dog walker in the street or the "mall walker", Poplar for light trails and camping, Maple or Oak for heavy duty trails and uneven terrain, Beech for long hikes (several days/weeks). Granted, Maple and Oak are great for Appalachian Trail-type hikes, but they are much heavier.
2) Height of wood- Measure from floor to just above the shoulder, you must see the top.
3) Color of hand grip- The grip and lanyard are 330 test Parachute Cord. I have Red, Blue, White, Purple, Black, Rainbow, Red/White/Blue, and different types of Camouflauge.
4) Height of hand grip- Grab a broomstick and measure from floor to the center of your hand. Make sure that your wrist is slightly lower than your elbow.
5) Size of Compass- This depends on the wood width; I have a standard 3/4" or a 1 1/2" round. Both glow in the dark.
6) Type of foot pad- There is currently only one type.
7) Survival Stick Kit #1 or 2- Contents are listed above. Kit #1 is an additional $25 to the stick price, Kit #2 is an additional $45. to the stick price (includes #1).